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10 Ways To Make Money Online (Legitimate)

Here is a list of ways you can make money online. You can choose the best method for yourself and all methods on the list are proven to make real money online LEGITIMATELY. Meaning you won’t be caught up in scams and frauds.

1.YouTube Videos
Youtube has gained more popularity in years and it is now the number one video sharing network globally. Many influential indivials have taken the opportunity of Youtube video creation to share their content on the site. The more subscribers and views you get, the more you are likely to earn. You can earn with youtube by Google Adsense network or promoting products and services on your videos.

2.Start your own website
Having your own website is one of the main ways to make money online and I can assure is the best way if you can put enough effort,time and strategy in your work. You can make from R0 to Million bucks depending on how you planned your website.

3.Online Trading

Your can make money online through trading either Forex or Stocks. Trading can take time and effort to learn but once you master it you will realize how worth it is to give it try. You can Join JSE( Johannesburg Stock Exchange) to trade stocks or IC Markets to trade Forex.

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4.Affiliate marketing
You can make money with affiliate marketing by using your marketing strategies to promote other people’s products and services, it is really the best way to make money since you do not need to create a product but you instead earn a profit from sales or subscriptions

5.Review websites & apps for cash
You can make tons of cash reviewing newly launched websites and apps by companies. The apps are reviewed to test the user experience and you are required to give your honest opinion and earn money. Isn’t that easy ?

6.Review music for money
You can also earn money reviewing music before the release, this is to help the artist and management realize the potential of their artwork on the song. You just give your honest opinion and earn moola.

7.Buy and sell domain names
Yes, it’s called domain flipping. You can search the web for potential domains and buy them and sell them to the potential clients. This requires lot of research to land on a high potential domain name and once you have one you just hit the jackpot.

8.Freelance work Gigs on Fiverr
Do you have any sort of skill you think you can offer online and make money in return? Well worry no more, because you can become a freelance online and make lot of cash. By becoming a freelance you provide services such as article writing, virtual assistance, logo design, web development, it’s an endless list you can do to make money with the skills you have. Join Fiverr

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9.Sell Stuff on BidorBuy
BidorBuy is a South African market place for sellers and buyers online. You can sell stuffs you won and make money, the process is simple as posting your items and uploading few of their photos, if someones loves it then they will buy and you just earned yourself a simple money. To join BidorBuy Click Here

10.Online Surveys
Join Survey websites to review many companies’ products earn money. The process of surveys is really long and it might take a while to cash out enough money but it works as well.

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Updated: December 17, 2016 — 8:54 pm

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